Top 10 Best Portable Massage Tables You Will Ever Find

The Best Portable Massage Tables Reviews in 2017:

Among the very many things people pursue in life, comfort and relaxation have always been among the top ten. With the world being a busy place, people have always yearned to find ways to relax and free their minds from the daily hustle and bustle.

The most common method of relaxation is the massage therapy. If you thought you would never find comfort or a getaway from all the unruly things in your life, then you were wrong! Below is a current review of the best portable massage tables. This will surely change your whole perspective and line of thought concerning massage and relaxation. Let’s start:

10. BestMassage Burgundy Portable Massage Tables

6. Burgundy Portable massage table

Quite similar to the Saloniture portable chair franchise, this 2” thick bed is made from Birch hardwood and has a free carry case, an adjustable and removable face cradle. Other than that, its height is adjustable and can accommodate up to 450LB. It may seem as if it doesn’t have any special features but in a real sense, its simplicity is its stronghold. Easily foldable, this table is mostly used by new practitioners or at home.

9. Memory Foam Master Portable Massage Tables

9. Memory foam master massage table

Talk about style and precision. This massage table is 31” width and 72” length, with and adjustable height. The unique feature of this table is the 3” thick multi-layer small cell cushion foam that provides maximum comfort to any of your clients. Being water and oil resistant, the massage table has a 5-year guarantee and provides therapeutic benefits. Apart from that, it has thick hinges, thick leg panels for more strength can be laid separately on the floor, has mahogany hardwood legs and contains a heated be that helps in delivering warmth to the body. This is among ideal portable massage tables.

8. Sierra comfort portable massage table

8. Sierra comfort portable massage table

The all-inclusive portable chair is a sleek and advanced design, mainly because it has many things fitted to it, making it look classy. The table is made of maple hardwood, and like the rest of the tables, it is portable and has its own sheets and accessories. One can assume it was built part by part, since almost all parts have the ability to come off, including; the facial cradle, armrest, and the arm support. With the waterproof and oil-resistant advantage, it has a towel hanger and an oil poaches which comes in handy.

7. Saloniture professional massage table with backrest

7. Saloniture professional massage table with backrest

Coming in black color only, the product is made of majestic hardwood frames that contain support cables and is quite easy to transport. It has some foam cushioning for enhancing comfort as well as a detachable arm sling, armrest, and head rest. Like the rest of the chairs, it has water and oil resistance material. Unlike the other portable massage beds, it has double tension knobs fitted in each leg for more stability.

6. Professional Saloniture Multi-purpose Chair

10. Professional saloniture multi-purpose chair

The 10th on our list is the professional massage chair with an adjustable stool and is available in black color, cream or beige. It has a special attribute of converting to a massage table from a facial bed within the blink of an eye. The leg rest is transformed from being flat and inclines on a 40-degree angle with 5 additional steps of proper adjustment, while the head rest also does so, but with a 45-degree inclination. The adjustable stool contains a contoured cushion for comfort when it comes to long sessions. Moreover, it is waterproof and easy to clean.

5. Black Reiki Massage Table

Best Portable Massage Tables - Black Reiki Massage Table

This is one of the most preferred, classy and stylish portable tables we have on the list. With a simple nature added to it, the Black Reiki doesn’t necessarily come in black but also has three other colors. It is also a product of Birch hardwood and has quite an amazing look. It comes with a free carry case, adjustable height and face cradle. Coming at a low price, this table is of superior quality. If you wish to have a massage table with a limited budget, this is the ideal table for you.

4. Bel Air Best Portable Massage Tables

4. Bel Air portable massage table

The shape and design of this table are different from the rest, making it look unique and fashionable. Being advancement from a previous model, it has been made lighter and has metallic legs that are easily adjustable. Supporting a weight of 650lbs, it is a table that has soft cushion foams, a free carry case, and a face comfort pillow.

3. Adjustable pedicure massage footbath

3. Adjustable pedicure massage footbath

Featuring in the top three, the beautiful hydraulic pedicure massage footbath is a common massage chair used to administer pedicures and manicures. It has the advantage of using the massage function without water, raising the chair through the hydraulics by up to 7”, and providing elegance and comfort when sitting on it. Picture a feet sauna at your home. With this chair, which is equipped with an electric footbath, you can have your feet massaged automatically after a long day’s work. The internal heater maintains the temperature of water when it comes to steaming your muscles.

2. Phoenix therma massage table

2. Phoenix therma massage table

Similar to the memory foam massage table, the phoenix therma table comes in a royal blue color, has Reiki end panels loaded to it, imported European beech wooden legs and a warming pad on top. A beautiful craftsmanship indeed!

1. Earthlite harmony portable table

Portable Massage Tables - Earthlite Harmony Portable Theraphy Table

Even the name itself has a unique taste added to it. With only a few in the stock currently, the table has adjustable parts just like the rest of the tables, has a firm grip because of the maple legs and superior cushioning. It has a high working weight capacity and assures the best comfort.

All the portable massage tables reviewed above range from $95-$270, depending on the quality offered. These tables will surely change your life, by giving you a worthwhile experience in the world of massage and relaxation. Get yours now!

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