Top 10 Best Portable Car Jump Starters Reviews in 2019

For both new and experienced drivers, portable car jump starter is the most necessary products to get in the trunk. There are two types standard jump starters and battery charger jump starters. Standard ones are small and light, that creates them perfect for circumstances which need an additional kick to improve the battery prior self-charge. Next type arrives with an inbuilt charger which restarts the car as well as partially charges the battery.

Jump starters are very famous with motorists because drivers do not want to depend on other motorists to receive them up and working again. There are many things to look while buying jump starters like features, durability, charge and ease of use etc.

10. GOOLOO 450A Portable Car Jump Starter

10. GOOLOO 450A car jump starter

With a real battery capacity of ten thousand mAh, this jump starter can start a 3.5L gas engine twenty times availing 450 A high current. If the battery capacity is high you can necessarily charge different types of gadgets like phones, laptops, and tablets at a speed of about 2 amps. It has a feature of an ultra bright LED flashlight which contains a torch, strobe signals, and SOS. It arrives with spark resistant clamps, polarity alerting system which identify if the connections are not properly performed. The package has a user guide, jumper cables, and eighteen-month warranty.

9. GOOLOO 600K Portable Car Jump Starter

9. GOOLOO 600K

It is a portable jump starter by having a battery capacity of fifteen thousand mAh. You are also promised sufficient amount of power to start the tractors, boats, cargo vans and other vehicles. It is available with a dual USB charger which you can avail to charge tablets, phones at a speed of 2.1 for one port. It gives safety protection, by having clamps that are shielded from over current, over voltage, short circuit, overcharge, and overload. It is strong and compact jump starter.

8. DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

8. DBPOWER 600A jump starter

It is one of the powerful and portable jump starters found in the market. You can also jump start 5.2L diesel engines and 6.5L gas thirty times availing six hundred amps high current. A recent inclusion is the compass and LCD screen that displays power consumption exactly. In case if you get lost in the jungle, you can be sure to check the direction home utilizing the compass. The device arrives with the 12v car charger, jump cables, three-year warranty and 12v wall charger. By having a charging port of 18000mAh, 8 in laptop adapters and a smart USB port, you are assured to charge the smartphone, laptop, and several other gadgets at the speed possible.

7. DBPOWER 300A Portable Car Jump Starter

7. DBPOWER 300A car jump starter

With this starter, you can jump start a 2.5L engine twenty times availing 300 amps of high current. It is available with a strong power bank of 8000 mAh ability. This car jump starter arrives with an inbuilt flashlight which contains three modes. Like a safety precaution, the clamps are produced with more high current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, overcharge protection and overload protection. You also receive a DJS40 and jumper cables, the three-year warranty and android USB cable.

6. NOCO Genious Boost Plus

6. NOCO genious boost plus

This is a dynamic and compact lithium jump starter which is rated at thousand amps has the capacity of charging about twenty jump starts if completely charged. The spark proof feature makes sure safety while utilizing the equipment. It contains reverse polarity shield that makes sure you can connect it safely to any types of battery. It has a feature of an ultra bright hundred LED flashlight which contains 7 light modes like emergency strobe and SOS. So you can comfortably recharge many devices.

5. Anker Compact Portable Car Jump Starter

5. Anker compact jump starter

It has a 10000mAh battery which charges within three hours. It also possesses the capacity to jump start, 3L, 12V gas and 2.5L diesel engines about fifteen times with a high current of four amps. It contains new safety precaution features for short circuit, power surges, and reverses polarity. By having a weight of about two pounds and dimensions of 4.9 x 9.4×3.9, it is the light choice, portable and small to fit in the glove box. It is reliable after sales service, convenient and compact in size and easy to avail.

4. PowerAll PBJS 12000R Rosso Portable Car Jump Starter

4. PowerAll PBJS 12000R Rosso jump starter

This jump starter is a four hundred high amp one and compact power back which is designed with anti-voltage feedback avoidance, a dual USB charging system, a 12,000 mAh battery and a LED flashlight. It is available with a small battery charger collectively with charging adapters for a number of electronic gadgets. It possesses a portable design and can jump start a vehicle about twenty times when totally charged. It gives an attractive power delivery in a small package. It has plenty of great features and best value for your amount.

3. Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Jump Starter

Portable Car Jump Starter - Antigravity batteries AG-XP-10 Jump Starter

This antigravity battery can jump start about 7.3L. It contains a big eighteen thousand mAh capacity which provides a lot of flexibility because it can power and charge numerous electronics like 12V gadgets, 5n USB units, and 19V laptops. It is available with an inbuilt flashlight which can make an ultra bright light with two flash methods. It weights up to 18 oZ that creates it one of the compact, lightest and convenient jump starters. The big power capacity says you can jump start several times without the need to recharge when storing additional power.

2. Stanley JV509 1000 peak car jump starter

2. Stanley JV509 1000 peak jump starter

This is a stylish jump starter, can function with different types of vehicles like motorbikes, cars, trucks, boats, and trucks. It can deliver about 1000 amp power, arrives with many safety features like a power indicator, polarity alarm and safety cables. An excellent inclusion is that it arrives with a tire inflator. This jump starter contains a built in 12- PSI air compressor that can be the best assistance if you receive a flat tire. The air compressor arrives with a surfeit nozzle by having a brass tip; make sure you get a safe connection. The equipment is featured with a built-in bright lighting which can revolve 270 degrees.

1. Jump n Carry, JNC660 car jump starter

Jump n Carry - JNC660 Jump Starter

With a starting energy of 1700 high amps and 425 oddball amps, this jump starter is compactly the dynamic small battery charger. It possesses a built-in power structured particularly for urgent jump start usage. The battery also provides a mixture of a power density and durability, offering it a special cranking energy. It has a weight of up to eighteen pounds, makes the device is very taken and store. It is available with one year warranty. It is heavy and rugged, contains the best overcharge protection. It is a faster and reliable one for emergency purposes.


The portable car jump starters are rated equally by checking its reliability and effectiveness. The deciding aspect is the reason you need to avail it for and the cost you are able to spend and interested in paying. The guide has listed down the excellent choices presently found in the market and your options are based on your requirements and budget.

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