Top 10 Best Giant Bean Bag Reviews in 2019

What makes a difference between a traditional, small bean bag chair and a bigger one? There are more things that matter more than just size. A giant bean bag chair has a lot more to offer which include room for more people that draw them close to each other and boost up relationship to a higher level. The larger space, the more activities you can enjoy. Within this article, you will find the best large bean bag chairs in a snapshot review with an aim to bring you information just in case you wish to grab one on the market. But, before moving on to the detail reviews, it is recommended you get some firsthand knowledge about these giant bean bag chairs first, and, of course, you also need to know what points to look for before you choose to buy one.

Buyer’s guide to a giant bean bag chair

Like the aforementioned words, bean bag chairs are much roomier and takes up more space. Unlike a traditional one, a modern bean bag is more durable, and the softness and comfort it provides are far beyond comparison. If you happen to bring one of these into your house, please bear in mind the following conditions.

  • Invest in durability: everyone wouldn’t want a product that breaks down much quicker than you could think of. Since you will put your entire weight on a bean bag chair, you need to make sure that it sustains your weight for a long period of time. At this point, you need to pay high attention to both the outer and inner material. Cheap and low-quality exterior fabric may break easily after a short period of time, making the entire chair look shabby. At the inner core, you need to ensure that it won’t fall flat at just a few weeks of usage. Seam quality also adds some values to the durability. With loosening seams, the foamy materials can leak out and your chair could lose shape much quickly. Bean bag chairs with double-stitched seams are more durable and last longer.
  • Get the highest level of comfort: the only one and first thing you expect of your bean bag chair are the softness and cozy feeling you can get out of it. Choose the product made from foam, instead of old-fashion sponges.
  • Find the one with back support: the chairs with back support serve more functions and they help you relax better. The ones without back support are only for sleepers. Adding on top of this, people at an older age would fall in love so deeply with the chair they could lean their back on.
  • Safe from fire: The worst enemy to your bean bag chair is fire. Pick the materials that wouldn’t get on fire easily.
  • Go green: There are bean bag chairs that are made from faux leather. This material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is known to be very nasty against the environment and your health.

After learning all of these qualities and conditions, let’s go through the review of the best large bean bag chair of this year.

10. World’s Best Giant Bean Bag Chair – Take Ten Classic Lounger

World's Best Giant Bean Bag Chair

Starting with the tenth on the top list, this bean bag chair from Taking Ten grants you a very cool and comfy experience. With a classic design, this chair comes with comfortable back support that you can lean on with your friend at a lounging activity of watching TV, playing the game, or reading books. At the size of 60 inches, you can fit two adults into this chair. If you have smaller kids, three of them would be just fine. This is also a furniture that has two functions built into one. You can turn on its side and it will be upright for you to sit. If you lay it flat, it will serve as a mini bed you can relax on. From the foamy filling, you couldn’t say no to the high level of comfort it gives. With 20 various color and pattern, you wouldn’t run out of choice in finding your favorite color.

Key features:
• Machine washable cover
• Resistant to stain and pet hair
• 50% more foam filling if compared to other chairs
• Lifetime warranty

9. Chill Bag – Giant Bean Bag Chair

Chill Bag – Giant Bean Bag Chair

Measured at 34 x 60 x 60 inches, this good looking bean bag chair is a very comfortable personal solo lounging tool. With the softness provided from a stuffed memory foam blend, you would want to throw your entire body on it at any time. With a nice back support design, the chair serves you well in many seating positions such as reading, watching TV, playing games, and relaxing. Adding on top of this coziness, it also has a beautifying function because of its colorfulness and sleek design. Try having a few of these and place them in your living room, and you will witness the beauty with your own eyes. People who bought this chair love the fact that it is very durable and remain in shape after a long period of usage. The seams are double stitched with a child safety zipper that prevents the stuffed foam from sipping out. More importantly, the outer coat could be removed for machine wash.

Key features:
• Super comfort and soft suede cover
• 22 available colors for your choice
• Made in USA
• Free shipping
• Compact and take little space

8. Lux by Big Joe Large Fuf in Union

Giant bean bag - Big Joe Large Fuf

This is the chair most commonly seen in bedroom and dorm room. An interesting fact to this Lux is that it was one of the first giant bean bag chairs that used the patented memory foam as a material. The foam, of course, is internationally recognized to be very soft against your skin and tolerable against your body weight, and it returns back into its original shape is just a few seconds. According to the size and dimension, the chair is able to host one full-grown adult while 2 young kids can fit this bean bag chair at ease. There are seven colors available for you to pick.

Specific features:
• Pretty roomy for one person
• Get fully into shape around 7 days after unboxing
• Recommended for lounging activities


7. World’s Best Bean Bag Chair – Take Ten Classic Lounger

World's Best Bean Bag Chair

Here we have another product from Taking Ten, standing at the top seventh in this review. Like other product from this manufacturer, this bean bag chair retains its high level of comfort and coziness with the super soft outer skin that assures gentleness to your skin while it is resistant to pet’s hair and fur. The fabric could be easily removed and put into a washing machine when you need it to be clean. The well-known dual function is still there that you can either use is from the side for a comfortable seating chair with nice back support or lay it flat so you can stretch your body on it. Another admirable thing from this bean bag chair is that it is 50% more fluffy than the other bean bag chairs.

Key features:
• Lifetime warranty
• Stain resistant
• It comes with rugged handles
• USA made
• Gliding zippers neatly are hidden underneath the side cover

6. Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Look at this! We have a fine product from Comfy Sacks that produces a very satisfactory result. People come to admire this bean bag chair in five various points. First, the design is quite versatile that you can pick from an array of diversity in terms of size, color, and cover materials, all of which are very soft and comfortable perfectly matching to your interest. The second and core part goes to the durable shredded memory foam on the interior that ensures your convenience once you lean on it. The biggest part of it is that is can sustain all type of weight you put on it and in just a barely noticed amount of time it returns to its squishy original form. Third, the cover is machine washable. All you need to do is to loosen the zipper and throw it into a washing machine. The zipper itself comes to the fourth part that people are so fond of. The safety zipper function locks itself straight away once it is closed that prevent any accidental unzipping, especially from your little kids. The last part goes to the durability of the fabric with the double-stitched seams design.

Key features of this giant bean bag chair:
• USA made
• Five years warranty
• Full back support

5. Cozy Sack 7-Feet Giant Bean Bag Chair X-Large, Black

Giant Bean Bag Chair

Are you having a small family of three? Well, this bean bag chair would be a perfect choice for you. At a size of 7 feet, the chair could fit 2 adults and one and one kid. Imagine having one of these in your relaxing area and you are relaxing with your little kid. What a nice family moment it could be! Coming to look at the design and quality, the chair utilizes the softness of microfiber cover to ensure your comfy experience. The cover material is a hundred percent made of polyester, and it is is also removable for machine wash. The internal part is fluffed with virgin urethane foam which is absolutely soft and adaptive to pressure while maintaining its original shape very quickly.

Other features:
• Available in 18 decorative colors
• USA made
• All seams are double stitched
• Protective zipper
• Back support

4. Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa, Black Denim

Giant Bean Bag Sofa

Thinking of having something smaller, softer, and lighter instead of a big and spacy sofa? This Jaxx giant bean bag will do the work just perfectly fine. Sized at 7 feet long, you can lay your entire body on it. In a seating position, it has a great back support and you can fit up to 3 people in a lounging activity. On the comfort and coziness, you won’t have to ask about it. The shredded polyurethane foam provides a perfect amount of support no matter what position you want to sit on it. This giant beanbag sofa also has a very interesting and eye-catching cover design with a colorful liner around the childproof zipper.

Some other cool features:
• US made product
• Machine washable cover
• Double stitched
• Back support

3. Cozy Sack 7-Feet Giant Bean Bag Chair, Buckskin

 Cozy Sack 7-Feet Giant Bean Bag Chair

Here we are at the third one in the list, and it is another product from Cozy Sack. This 7 feet bean bag chair is large enough to fit three full-grown adults in a seating position. One person is recommended for a sleeping position at perfectly comfort state. Like other high-quality Cozy Sack products, this chair is filled with fluffy and squeezing virgin urethane foam that is known to be extremely soft and durable. It would spring back to its original form every time after use and it continues to maintain its shape for a very long period of time. The outer cover is 100% polyester made to feel like velvet suede. Cleaning is very easy as you can just simply take the cover off and place in a washing machine.

Other cool features:
• US made product
• Extra strong No. 5 YKK zipper
• Double stitched
• Back support

2. Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Giant Bean Bag Chair

Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Giant Bean Bag Chair

This is yet another release from Comfy Sacks. From just the outer look you could easily tell how furry and soft it is, and it always tempting for you to jump on it. In that case, I would do it without any hesitation. The soft yet almost indestructible memory foam filling will hold you just perfectly fine no matter how you would like to drop yourself on it. The ultra-cozy and furry cover is another advantage added to the positive experience from the chair. Feel free to remove the cover and throw it into a washing machine without the fear of damaging the fur. It is specially designed for washing machine and you can just do it at any time.

Other features:
• USA made product
• Full back support
• Child safety zipper
• Free shipping

1. Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Blue Sky

Giant bean bag - Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede

This is the most popular item of all among the bean bag chair that you may find it sometimes out of stock from shops. At this XXL size, the chair is perfect for lounging and is normally recommended for a living room, basements, or theater rooms. Grabbing a few friends for a movie time or gaming is always a nice idea because they will love it. The splendidness in quality and price of this chair are at the most competitive rate, and these are one of the reasons making this one so popular. The chair uses a simple classic design that catches the interest of modern youth and oldies. The materials combine the microfiber cover on top of the soft and fluffy patented memory foam that make you feel very comfortable.

Key features:
• Very roomy
• US made
• Back support

Here we come to the end of the review and you have just gone through all top 10 most popular giant bean bag chair of the year. With this knowledge about the chairs, I do hope they inform you well when you need to purchase one from the market.

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