Best Portable Fan with AC Adapter and USB Battery Reviews in 2019

Looking for the way to create a cooling breeze in your room, office, or when you outdoor for sport? Then you need a good quality of battery-operated fan or best portable fan with AC adapter, that easy for you to use.

The best part with the battery portable fan is, you can carry it even in the outdoor, so you can be able to relax without minding the excess heat. When you’re buying the portable fan, need to look at the superior quality that gives you value for your money.

In the market of a personal fan today, there are hundreds of brands on sales, which makes us hard to choose the best portable fan, especially for the first time buying. Our writer had spent the time to researched on most of what is on sale on the personal fan market, and we compiled with the top 10 best Portable Fan with AC Adapter and USB Battery in 2017:

14. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Best Portable Fan

Best Portable Fan - Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Honeywell portable fan has good air flow with 3 settings, high, medium and low. This fan can be put on the table or wall mounted with built-in mounting hooks. It has a good long power supply. This portable fan is easy to clean and maintain, keeping it brand new. Additionally, it is 25% compared to some other similar models so you can enjoy and relax, without an irritating noise coming from the fan. The quiet sound of the personal fan makes it perfect to use where your young ones sleep or relax and even in the bedroom.

  • It maximum air movement by using Aerodynamic TurboForce
  • Personal cooling and energy-saving air circulation
  • Size: 11.1 x 6.54 x 11.30 inches
  • Item weight is 1 pound
  • 25% quiet compared to similar models
  • Can be mounted on the wall for convenience
  • Have 3 speeds and 7 inches blade

13. Holmes Lil’ Blizzard 8-Inch Oscillating Table Fan

Oscillating Table Fan - Portable Fan

Holmes Oscillating Table Fan provides personal cooling at home, outdoor travel or in the office. This portable fan comes with the adjustable tilt head and 2-speed controls, so you can adjust your fan at your ideal settings, especially allows you to direct airflow where you want it.

This lightweight, stylish, compact design fan designed for personal or table use, and has oscillation for wide area coverage. It’s providing cooling relief during the hot and humid summer season. And ideal for use in a living room or bedroom.

  • Oscillation for wide area coverage
  • Material: Plastic
  • Have 2-speed rotary control
  • Adjustable tilt head allows directing airflow where you want it
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Removable front grill for easy cleaning
  • Manufacturer: Holmes

12. Upgr8 Universal High-Performance 12V Slim Electric Cooling Radiator Fan

Best Portable Fan - Electric Cooling Radiator Fan

If you need a powerful air-circulating juggernaut and portable fan, the 10 blades electric fan would be one of the choices.

It’s running at an impressive 2250 revolutions per minutes until it provides enough blast to overcome the suffocating heat. Additionally, it can provide full coverage inside your room.

  • Comes with fan mounting Kit, brackets, and tie straps
  •  Fan CFM=1730 cfm, RPM=2250 rpm
  • Fan size – 12 inches and its thickness is 2.5 inches
  • Has 10 blades, 12V, 6.6 Amp, 80W
  • OE placement, push or pull type

11. AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan

AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan

AboveTEK Electric Car Fan has fitted any car or boat. It prevents heat build-up while parked, and have 360 degrees freely rotation with 2-speed levels. This car fan can quickly cool down your back seat in minutes during the summer season. We believe this BEST Air Cooling Fan product is worth your money.

  • Size: 4 inches
  • Power Consumption: 8W/15W
  • Noise Level: <=50db
  • Input Power: 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • Dimension : 10.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Cord Length: 1.70 m

10. O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan

10. O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan

This fan has been made with dual power sources. You can decide to use electricity or use plugins from batteries and it will run up to 40 hours. It has been fitted with a powerful 2-speed blade that will rotate at a high speed so that it generates fresh air whenever you need it. There is a built-in handle that is convenient for you to use. This portable compact design makes it great for travel and easy to carry and store. It’s the best use at the office or home.

9. O2COOL 10-Inch Smart Power Personal Fan

9. O2COOL 10-Inch Smart Power Fan

It is a fab that uses smart power technology, that is the fan is able to select the lowest power option so that it save your bills from rising. You can also use plug-in batteries or rechargeable ones. You can also charge through the USB power port that it has been fitted with. There is a convenient flip up a place of handling that will enable you to carry it whenever you want to go or use it.

8. Gama Sonic Rechargeable Cooling Fan

8. Gama Sonic Rechargeable Cooling Fan

This is a rechargeable fan that has been designed with 10-inch blades that will offer you the perfect indoor or outdoor cooling comfort. You can go ahead and u the inbuilt radio or plugins that have been situated in the ports found on it so that you get the best entertainment in any location that you will find yourself in. it has a choice of high and low speeds.

7. Innobay Personal Battery Operated Fan

7. innobay Personal Battery Operated Fan

This is a fan that is powered by a rechargeable power source that will ensure that you get the power that you can use anywhere and anytime. The motor is pure copper and is brushless. That means that it is bale to power the fan at a speed that is convenient for you so that you get the air that is right and fresh. That is why it is known as a high energy conservation product.

6. efluky Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

6. efluky Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

It has been designed with three speeds. It is a professional small and portable fan that has been made with an integration of design, simplicity, and durability of its firm structure. If you want to have outdoor activities, this is the perfect fan that will take care of you and your needs in a complete way. You only need to charge it for four hours and it is ready for use.

5. O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan, Gray

This portable fan is perfect for an indoor or outdoor activities with your family, use in a hot office or even at school, and especially during a power outage.

  • Quiet cooling with the powerful two speed
  • Have the tilts for directional air flow
  • Compact folding, best for travel
  • Easy to carry
  • Best for camping and outdoor activities
  • The fan uses 2 D-Cell batteries, but not included

4. Coleman Tent Fan

4. Coleman Tent Fan

It has been designed with a tilting base that ensures that there is a perfect airflow into the product and out of it. It also folds up easily o that you store it in safe places for future use or when needed. The foam fan blades are softer to even the touch of your skin. It is energized by D-cell batteries. When you buy it, it comes with screws that are important for you wall mounting.

3. O2cool 8101 Battery-operated Water-misting Fan

3. O2cool 8101 Battery-operated Water-misting Fan

Simplicity and elegance have been combined together to form a fan that operates like no other. It has been designed with water underneath it so that it is able to splash out that cool mist of water so that you get it right at your nose. It gives out fresh air that has been mystified. Thanks to the powerful and flexible but safe blades that have been fitted into it.

2. OPOLAR Mini USB Personal Fan

2. OPOLAR Mini USB Personal Fan

Having a fan that accommodates your personal cooling in your office is the best thing that you will have done to yourself. That is why it has been made for you. It has sturdy metal fans that will produce a soft breeze that will ensure that you move closer to the spring that is quite and sweet. The fan has blades that are at most four inches so that you save your desk space.

1. iEGrow Handheld Mini Misting USB Fan

Best Personal Fan - iEGrow Handheld USB Fan

It is a product that comes with three modes and two buttons to assist you in operating it. When you use the power button, then you will have gone to selecting the circulation modes that you want it to go through. It is operated and energized by a rechargeable battery that you can charge from even the micro USB port out there.


The choices that you will make are very vital when it comes to buying fans that will generate fresh air that you need. Others will eat up your energy and make you lose instead of gaining. That is the main reason that we came out here with the best items that you need for your use. They are made with precision and in fact, they will last longer in one charge unlike their counterparts out there in the market. That is why I recommend you to buy any of this fans from us. Make your order and you will get sooner that you even think.

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