Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2018

We don’t understand how people are starting to think of portable DVD players as a thing of the past! It’s a perfect solution for road trips & long plane flights. They are great for kids who get antsy on these long trips. We have compiled a list below that shows our top choices for the best portable DVD players for your next road trip in 2017.

#10 Sylvania SDVD7040B

Sylvania SDVD7040B

This Sylvania weighs just 1.8 pounds & is a great machine if you plan on carrying it with you everywhere you go on your trip. It offers a 7” widescreen that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. A USB port is included in this machine for you to easily access your digital files. The complete measurements of this DVD player come in at 9 x 10.2 x 2.5 inches & will fit perfectly on most car headrests. You are also empowered with an 180-degree swivel to satisfy your viewing preferences.

#9 Impecca DVP1330

mpecca DVP1330 13.3 Inch Portable DVD Player

The Impecca Portable DVD Player has a beautiful 13.3-inch screen size that includes the possibility of turning 180-degrees. The rechargeable battery enables the viewer with about 5 hours of playback time. The screen has a great 1024 x 600 resolution & has speakers that deliver a crisp audio experience. There’s a proper headphone jack that fits standard headphones & also has spots that can handle a USB or SD cards. The AV in/out ports will allow you to connect to any TV of your choice, & you are also empowered with the choice of language you want to view your DVD in making the Impecca DVD1330 a great DVD player option.

#8 Ematic EPD909RD

Ematic EPD909RD Swivel Portable DVD Player

The Ematic Portable DVD player has a modest 9-inch screen, but it boasts a 480 x 234 LCD display. If you prefer, you can also turn this player up to 180-degrees in either direction. This DVD player comes equipped with headphones & a carrying bag which makes this choice a full-package option. The speaker built-in to this system spews quality audio & is also able to be adjusted to different languages to satisfy your needs. The Ematic DVD Player comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to continue using the machine without ever having to utilize batteries. Overall, the Ematic’s display & features offer a satisfying viewing experience for all users.

#7 Insignia 7” Portable DVD-R/RW, CD Player with Swivel Screen

 Insignia 7” Portable DVD-R/RW, CD Player with Swivel Screen

The Insignia Portable DVD player is able to show an array of digital formats. The rechargeable battery equips the viewer with about 2.5 hours of viewing pleasure until needing a recharge. Digital entertainment formats include various options like DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, & JPEG. This aspect is great because of the immense options it allows the user. The screen is a little smaller at 7” but it provides a think look for sleekness. A great advantage of this DVD player is the fact that you can turn it off in the middle of a movie, & when you resume viewing, you’ll be in the same spot you left off.

#6 NAVISKAUTO 9 inch Portable DVD/CD Player

NAVISKAUTO 9 inch Portable DVD/CD Player

The NAVISKAUTO Portable DVD Player boasts a 9” screen & has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. A huge advantage is a 270-degree swivel that allows you to turn the machine to satisfy whatever viewing needs you prefer. The lithium battery on this machine allows for 5 hours of quality playback time on a full charge. This machine also allows multiple forms of digital entertainment to be viewed using its USB port & SD card reader slots. The NAVISKAUTO also has an AUX input for your own personal speakers & includes an AV output so you can hook up what you’re watching on any TV you choose.

#5 Sylvania SDVD1048

Sylvania SDVD1048 10-Inch Portable DVD Player

The Sylvania SDVD1048 10” Portable DVD Player is a solid choice compared to other players on this list. This one is compatible with a wide range of digital entertainment formats. The 10” screen makes it easy to enjoy whatever your viewing, & an 180-degree swivel empowers you with multiple viewing angles. The dual speakers deliver excellent quality while also including a space for a headphone jack. If you want to connect to a TV of your choice, this machine will allow for it with its AV output. A remote control, AC adaptor, DC adaptor, & headphones are all included in this player’s package. With the USB & SD card readers, you are enabled with viewing options that include all of your personal digital entertainment making this Sylvania DVD player a great choice for you & your family.



This is the second NAVISKAUTO DVD player we have included on this list, & for good reason. The 1024×600 pixels display creates a crisp image for all visual formats. You won’t have to worry about clear audio with this machine because of its 2 built-in speakers. Another huge advantage with this DVD player is the waterproof seal that comes around it. This means even if you’re by the pool or beach, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of a good movie. The battery allows for up to 5 hours of playback of your DVDs or of your other media choices that can be connected through USB or an SD card.



With a 10.1” screen the SYNAGY A10 DVD Player provides a great viewing experience for its users. The display is also equipped with 1024×600 pixels of resolution. Its battery is capable of holding a full charge for about 3 hours. This DVD play supports various multimedia formats including DVD, S-VCD, CD, MPEG4, WMA, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD , and JPEG. If you would like, the screen can also be folded to look like a tablet. The speakers produce quality sound, but there is also a headphone jack if the viewer prefers that option.

#2 Sylvania SDVD1332


The 13.3” inch screen that the the Sylvania SVD1332 13.3” Swivel Screen boasts is one of the largest on this list. The LCD display is just beautiful. An 180-degree swivel is allowed with this machine which allows adjustments in angles so that multiple people can enjoy watching the DVD. The rechargeable battery allows you to view your entertainment without needing any batteries. It includes a USB & SD card reader & can adapt to most digital formats like DVD +-R/RW, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG, etc. Overall, this was one of our favorite DVD players because of the ease of use & many viewing options.

#1 NAVISKAUTO – Best of Portable DVD Players for 2017

 NAVISKAUTO – Best of Portable DVD Players in 2017

The NAVISKAUTO Portable DVD Player has a fantastic 12.5” back-light big screen that rotates on a 270-degree swivel. The 1366×768 pixels offers amazing quality for a DVD player display that made this our absolute favorite choice. The battery’s capacity is very satisfactory, holding up to 5 hours of viewing time. It also comes with a car charger for those long trips. A carrying case is included for easy portability. The NAVISKAUTO also has the capacity to return you to where you left off if you have to cut a movie short of its ending. This was an easy choice for the top pick of our top 10 list!

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