Top 12 Best Nail Ridge Filler and Nail Strengthener in 2018 Reviews

Our hands and legs are the most mobile organs or the body and need best nail ridge filler. During movements, we are likely to injure them leading to either toenail or fingernail deformation. In most cases, as the old nails continue to grow it replaces the old deformed part but that takes time. In other cases, people have natural ridges in their nails. Some of these deformations are unsightly. Should your nails be deformed in any way, nail ridge fillers can be used to mend such irregularities to produce a smooth, regular and presentable look.

List of the Top 10 Best Nail Ridge Filler, Nail Strengthener, Ridgefiller and Nail Polish in 2018 Reviews

Nail ridge fillers give your nails an appealing even look. There are many types of such fillers in the market. Due to different tastes and preferences from consumers, a variety of these products is available in both local and online shops. The fillers keep changing to catch up with the dynamic needs of the users in an attempt to satisfy their needs. Below are the best nail ridge fillers in the market:

12. Triple Protection Formula Nail Strengthener, Base and Ridgefiller Nail Polish by  Zeva Nail Guard

Triple Protection Formula - Nail Strengthener, Base and Ridgefiller Nail Polish

Zeva’s Nail Guard is one of the best nail strengthener polish that you can buy to protect your nails. Zeva’s Nail Guard makes your nails beautiful, smooth and matte’ finish while supplying incredible protection for soft or fragile nails.

Zeva’s formula contains polyester resin for durability, epoxy resin for adhesion and nitrocellulose for strength. It works well as a ridgefiller or base coat and has no formaldehyde DBT or toluene.

  • Zeva Nail Guard strengthens and protects nails
  • Exceptional smoothes ridges and base coat
  • This Nail Guard can dry clear in minutes for a beautiful and smooth
  • It contains no formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate for healthy nail care

11. Nail Strengthener Formaldehyde Free, Fast Dry, and High Gloss by Probelle

Probelle Nail Strengthener Formaldehyde Free

Probelle Nail Strengthener has not contained formaldehyde solution designed to strengthen and improve your nail growth. It applied as a base coat and the nail strengthener will provide a high gloss finishing to the manicure and will dry in seconds.

  • Probelle Nail Strengthener improves and strengthens natural nails
  • It gives a Fast Drying Application
  • May be worn with or without nail polish
  • Probelle maintains a durable high gloss finishing
  • Not contains DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde

10. LONDONTOWN Kur Fortifying Best Nail Ridge Filler

10. LONDONTOWN kur Fortifying Ridge Filler

When used, the LONDONTOWN kur Fortifying Nail Ridge Filler corrects/fills any nail irregularities and provide an even nail surface on which you can apply your favorite nail polish. It can be used for both fingernails and toenails. It does not contain any harmful or chemical substances.

This filler is affordable and also environmental-friendly. It is advisable to apply multiple coats for deep ridges.

9. Nailtek Foundation Best Nail Ridge Filler

9. Nailtek Foundation

Nailtek Foundation provides a firm foundation for any type of polish. It fills all the ridges and imperfections to create an even finish. This polish gives strength to natural nails and can be applied even in cases of brittle or dry nails. The superior surface aftermath of the application of this filler is due to the different raw materials used to manufacture the product such as strengtheners, micro-fibers, natural fillers, and conditioners. This product is pocket-friendly and a great polish base.

8. OPI Nail Polish

8. OPI Ridgefiller

OPI Nail Polish usage gives a fine even consistent finish to your nails. It is a natural product and therefore environmental-friendly. It is relatively thick to maximize its efficiency and it takes a little longer to dry. Once dry it provides one of the best bases to apply any kind of polish. It also gives your nails strength and does not come off easily. It is a great product and it is highly recommended.

7. Pfeilring Sapphire Pocket Nail File

7. Pfeilring Sapphire Pocket Nail File

Unlike the above-mentioned fillers this is a nail file. It does the opposite of filling. It is used to file the bulging bulky part of an uneven nail to a desirable shape. Some nails bulge and become bulky in a way that file you applied a filler their condition is likely to worsen rather than improve. The Pfeilring Sapphire Pocket Nail File can sometimes be used with fillers to get the best results. With this file you can curve your nails to almost any shape that you want.

6. OPI Nail Polish Lacquer, Hawaii Collection

6. OPI Nail Polish Lacquer for Women

In case you used a file before applying this filler, it completely hides all the file marks and provides a smooth but firm base for application of nail polish. It blends well with moth nail polishes to give your nails a warm charming look. It has been in the market for a long time and takes pride in its swift and efficient action. It can be used for both deep and shallow ridges.

5. Nailtek Foundation No.3 Best Nail Ridge Filler

5. Nailtek Foundation No.3

Nailtek fillers do not need any introduction to any consistent filler user. Their products are among the most recommended fillers that there is. It masks all ridges shallow/deep to give a healthy, firm and adorable finish. This product commands a good percentage in the market due to its superior proven quality. It has unmatched polish adherence properties and is packaged in a small bottle; 1.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches. It can be found in local cosmetic shops as well as online shops such as Amazon and eBay.

4. Orly Base Nail Coat

4. Orly Base Nail Coat

Orly Base Nail Coat is a popular filler due to its amazing properties such as instant glide with a long-lasting wear, sparkly glow finish, has a vivacious color, and allows a perfect finish to your nails. It is a great base for any nail polish that is pocket-friendly. The healthy properties of the product make it skin friendly. Unlike most products this nail filler dries fast and is recommended in time sensitive situations.\

3. Orly Nail Polish Color Lacquer Set 6-Piece Collection

3. Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler

The Orly Nail Lacquer is a beautiful collection of bold colors that please young woman and teen. A set of 6 vibrant colors allow girls to easily complement and enhance the outfit and mood on any given day. It delivers a luminous shine your finger nails and looking wet long after it dried. It is the perfect choice for any girl who loves showing off her vibrant finger nails.

This great nail protector treats and masks unsightly deformations to give a classy sassy finish to your nails. It is an outstanding base for nail polish application.

2. Mavala Base Coat Best Nail Ridge Filler

Best Nail Ridge Filler

Mavala Base Coat is a highly recommended product that can be used by both women and men. Even better, this nail filler can be used for both fingernails and toenails. Its quality is unquestionable and results speak for themselves. You can apply from a single up to several coats to achieve the desired effect. This simply means that it can be used for both shallow and deep ridges. Mavala Base Coat is available in both local shops and online shops.

1. Nailtek Foundation Xtra Ridge filling

1. Nailtek Foundation Xtra Ridge-filling

When it comes nail filling Nailtek is on another level. It has a range of product varying with customer preferences and abilities. It prevents nails from peeling, covers ridges, provides a firm base for nail polish and makes natural nails stronger among many other functions. Though you might need to dig a little deeper into your pocket to acquire one, it will give you your monies worth. This is ‘the ultimate nail filler’.


There is a variety of fillers in the market to choose from but you do not have to do it on your own. We have researched and come up with the 12 Best Nail Ridge Filler that you can find in the market so that you don’t have to.

If you are going to do it, then you need to do it right. The first step is to get the best product in order for you to obtain the best results. The variations in the products are to ensure that you get one that suits you!

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