Top 10 Best Magnetic Dry Erase Boards Reviews in 2019

Have you ever realized that you can work towards improving your writing or drawing and decorating in various ways? For those had think it is a joke, then wait and see how you will get all this changed in just a matter of seconds. We are bringing you magnetic dry erase boards that will work for you in a marvelous way. They don’t keep stains at whatever cost and that is why we’re interested in reviewing best and quality items for you to choose and buy. Allow your dreams by purchasing this item and it will work as you wish of writing your daily work plan at home or office.

10. Eco-friendly Magnetic Dry Erase Boards  Mango Wood Framed with Pocket

Eco-friendly Magnetic Mango Wood Erase Board

Mango Wood erase board is a board that has been beautified so that it looks nice and fresh all the time. It has been designed with a magnetic wood frame that has been inscribed with a white mango on it. It works better with all the standard erase board makers that are out there. The materials that have been used are environmentally friendly. It’s also included a pocket with suction for holding markers, pens, or other learning tools and easily hang on the wall with included hooks and screws.

  • White color mango wood frame Magnetic Dry Erase Boards
  • Works well with standard dry erase board markers
  • It’s made from environmentally-friendly materials
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Have pocket with suction for holding markers
  • Have hooks and screws for easily hang on the wall
  • Size – 35 x 23 inches
  • Weight – 10.3 pounds

9. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board

9. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board

We have used a new style to ensure that the board stays longer than you even expect. The board is painted steel that uses a magnet to offer you a dry surface that will erase easily and resist any stains and ghosting that may come its way. You can use this surface for various works, for instance, you can pin your notes, calendars, memos, reminders and many other things.

  • Highly durable and erases easily
  • Resists staining and ghosting
  • Magnetic dry erase boards surface duals as a bulletin board
  • Have sturdy black wood decor frame, great for home and office use
  • Can work well with all dry erase markers
  • It’s can mount vertically or horizontally
  • Hassle-free mounting hardware
  • Size – 35 x 1 x 23 inches
  • Weight – 6.4 pounds

8. Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Boards with Aluminum Marker Tray

8. Magnetic Glass Dry-erase Board

This is termed as a beautiful magnetic surface dry erase board because it has been designed well and fits to be used for dry-erase makers. The sets that have been made for it include two sets of glass board magnets with a tray that has an aluminum marker. It will give you easy installation with the metal mounts that are sturdy in a combination of steady wall anchors.

  • Smooth glass surface perfect for dry erase markers
  • Clean easily with on swipe
  • Resists ghosting and staining
  • Has solid metal mounts and quality wall anchors
  • Dimension – 35.4 x 23.6 x 3 inches
  • Weight – 18.1 pounds

7. STEELMASTER Magnetic Dry Erase Boards with Pad, Pen, and Magnets

7. STEELMASTER Magnetic Board

The steel that has been used to make this item is one of heavy duty which has been then coated with the chip which is also a scratch resistant finish. You can choose the way that you want to display it, either horizontally or even vertically. You can incorporate into the kitchens or offices and you will be able to organize your family and yourself in the best manner.

  • Heavy duty
  • Steel construction coated with chip
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Can display vertically and horizontally
  • Can seamlessly incorporate into kitchens or offices
  • Have 6 magnets
  • 4 x 6 inch dry erase board and dry erase pen
  • Dimension – 30 x 14 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight – 8.4 pounds

6. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Boards Black Frame

6. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board

The surface that will be produced after you have used this board will really show you the reason why you chose it over the others. There is an aluminum frame that has been made even stronger thus making it be perfect in your home, office, commercial use and even in your classes. The board has magnets and thus, ready to be used for anchoring your memos and any other announcement for the school.

  • This steel magnetic dry erase surface is highly durable
  • Erases easily and resists ghosting and staining
  • Magnetic dry erase surface duals as a bulletin board
  • Have sturdy black aluminum frame, great for home, 0ffice or classrooms
  • Can work with all dry erase markers
  • Mounts horizontally and vertically
  • Hassle-free mounting hardware

5. Viz-Pro Magnetic Dry Erase Boards with Aluminium Frame

5. VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board

If you need a smooth and a durable place that you can use for writing, then your choices have just felled in the right hands. The board can easily be dry-wiped with any dry-erase marker that you can find in the market. It is a simple product and is easy to install by the use of the fixing kits that come alongside the luggage.

  • Smooth and durable magnetic board
  • It’s an easily dry wipe with all dry-erase markers
  • Have a Silver finished aluminum frame
  • ABS plastic corner with screw-fixing
  • Easy installation
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Have fixing kits and pen-tray
  • Dimension – 38 x 31 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight –  10 pounds

4. Master of Boards – Magnetic Dry Erase Boards With Aluminum Frame and Pen Tray

Master of Boards Magnetic Whiteboard

It has been constructed by the use of a high-grade aluminum grade frame that will make it best suitable for use at home or office. The surface has been protected from any scotches affection it all. Here is a pen tray that will also help in mounting the wall screws. For use with dry white markers and that will have saved it a lot from dying out.

  • Magnetic Dry Erase Boards whiteboard with the high-grade aluminum frame
  • Scratch resistant writing surface
  • Have pen tray and wall mounting screws
  • Compatible with all conventional dry wipe markers
  • Dimensions – 44 x 32 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight – 12.1 pound

3. Delane Dry Erase White Board

3. Delane Dry Erase White Board

It has the best unique structure and texture and I can promise you that you are going to have a product that everyone will love to acquire. These boards are never folded when they are shipped and that is why they will arrive well taken care of. With this board with you, you can keep your messages, events, to-do list among others.

2. Whiteboard Set – Dry Erase Board Magnetic Dry Eraser

2. Whiteboard Set - Dry Erase Board

Get this board and get that comfortable design that you always loved all the time. The size is also big enough to fit your needs. The material that has been used hails from resin which has a steel painted surface that will give you an easy time during your writing and even give out announcements. That is why it is respected due to its ability to offer you an effective service when an organization is needed.

  • Come with 1 whiteboard, 1 magnetic dry erase board, 2 magnetic black markers, 2 magnets
  • Easily movable hanging hooks
  • Resin-painted steel surface
  • Dimension – 12 x 1 x 12 inches

1. U Brands Basics Magnetic Dry Erase Boards, Silver Aluminum Frame

U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

This product has been designed with the best surface out there that is highly durable and also erases easily. That means that you will be able to carry out your duties in a fast and effective manner without much ado. It has been made with an aluminum frame which makes it be compact. You can mount it either vertically or horizontally and it will still serve the purpose that you intended it to do.

  • The Painted steel magnetic dry erase surface is highly durable
  • Can be erased easily and resists staining and ghosting
  • Magnetic dry erase surface duals as a bulletin board
  • Have Aluminum frame
  • Can work with all dry erase markers
  • Can be mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Hassle-free mounting hardware
  • Dimension – 4.5 pounds
  • Weight – 35 x 1 x 23 inches


The boards that we have brought you will function well as each is expected. You will do a lot with these products. For instance, writing on them is not a permanent thin and you can write or draw as many times as you can because after all, you can be able to erase hem any time and do the writing again. For those that love using of photos can also not be left behind, get it and it will hold you pics well.

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