Best Hoverboards – Self Balancing Scooters Reviews in 2018

Transportation and technology these days are evolving so fast. It was just two centuries ago when people created the first automobile invented. Later, by the end of the 18th century, the first car running on fuel was born. Nowadays, there are means of transportation operated just by battery cells. The Best hoverboards is a good example of it. Sometimes known as a self-balancing scooter, the hoverboard used to be very expensive tools made available for the rich communities, and the early quality was questionable. One of the most frequently asked questions earlier was, “How much are hoverboards?” as people were just so worried about the price. With the advancement in technology and the availability of materials, the resolutions came out very abruptly, and the board has quickly penetrated the market making the concern on hoverboard price is no longer a problem. In today’s topic, we are bringing the best hoverboards reviews in 2017 into a snapshot where you can get an informed decision if you wish to grab one for your own.

In today’s topic, we are bringing the best hoverboards reviews in 2017 into a snapshot where you can get an informed decision if you wish to grab one for your own.

Buyers’ Guide to best hoverboards scooter

Before making a decision to buying a hoverboard, you should at least know about the item with the following points brought into your considerations. In a nutshell, you need to pay attention to these priorities which include, but not limited to, durability, balancing, battery life, and weight support.
First and foremost you need a product that would not break down overnight. It must be something that pays off the amount of money in which you put. Materials into the production of a hoverboard determine its durability. Cheaper products may save you some costs, but that may put the longevity at stake.

Second, you need to be sure that the hoverboard can do a perfect balancing regardless of how much weight on it. Self-balancing is what known to this product, and if it is not living to its name, you should not be buying it. The thing to look for at this point is the certification of balancing technology. Currently, all products that pass through the UL 2272 certification are the ones with trusted balancing technology which also assure the rider’s safety.

Third, go for the capacity of the battery! A better quality battery provides you a longer time to enjoy the ride while adding more value to the life of a hoverboard, and of course, a stronger battery also allows a hoverboard to advance at a higher speed. A brand new hoverboard might work just perfectly fine during the early stage of its life, but with different quality of battery cells, your self-balancing scooter can make you feel differently. You may wish to buy a product with a better battery that promises a longer ride.

Last, but not least, you need to look for the capacity of a hoverboard to endure heavy loads while their weight is light. Therefore, before making a decision, please look for the information on how much weight it can support.

Now that you know about the specific features to inform your decision on buying a product that fits most to your conditions, let us go through the review of best hoverboards in this 2017.

10. The Swagtron T5 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

10. The Swagtron T5 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

Here we are with the first item on the review list, and it stands on the tenth most popular self-balancing scooters. This is a T5 model product from Swagtron which is a well-known competitive company in producing stylish and modern boards and scooters. This hoverboard is made using a technology that allows you to freely cruise yourself at 7 miles per hour with a certified UL 2272. The two slim, sturdy wheels add more quality to the balancing even you are going up or down the slope. There is also this cool feature of upgraded 200 Watt motor and gear stabilization. Controlling is even easy by just leaning forward to make it move. The lower the angle you make, the faster the speed. There are some other up-to-date functions built into this tiny good-looking hover board that may catch your interest and it includes the battery indicator to ease you up on when you should recharge it, the rubber bumper to support your control, and the learning mode that the board is adapting to your riding styles. This board can support up to 187 pounds of your weight.

Key features:
• 7 mph speed
• 2-wheel riding mode
• Easy control
• Smart battery management system

9. The Best Hoverboards SWAGTROL T1


It is a 2-in-a-row that Swagtron’s products present itself in the top list of the best hoverboards in 2017. Similarly to the above T5, this T1 model is another UL certified one under the 2272 form of balancing and safety test with almost identical features of the battery indication light and the bumpers. The things that make it more popular and outstanding from the T5 model is the fact that it can advance at a higher speed up to 8 miles per hour in a longer range of 11 miles. This also means it has a better quality of battery cells with a Smart Battery Management System that helps you in extending your adventure experience. It is also equipped with a stronger motor at 250 W along with auto gear stabilization when you are traveling up or downhill. Using a quality steel frame that is resistant to heat and flame in combination with hard shell design, this hoverboard is very strong against a heavy load that it can support up to 220 pounds. People also come to commend the fact that his model comes in fascinating eye-catching colors that they can choose anyone to their personality and favor.

Key Features:
• 8 mph speed
• LED Headlight
• Sentryshield technology
• 1-year warranty

8. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

8. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

Available in two different colors, black and gray, this EPIKGO hoverboard is very popular in many places. People are fond of its outstanding structures and design with the improved quality in speed, safety, and geographical compatibility. At a two times more powerful motors, if compared to other similar product, this self-balancing scooter uses 400 Watt dual motors that completely satisfy those who love the acceleration and drifting. Instead of using standard 6.5-inch tires, this one comes with bigger tires at 8.5 inches that make it capable of going into harder terrains where no smaller boards have been before. In alignment with the semi-submarine technology, you can take this lovely hoverboard into any ground such as puddles, muddy lane, sand, and grass, etc.

Key features:
• Bigger
• UL 2272 certified
• Faster at 10 mph
• No limitation to terrain type
• LED headlight
• two-hour fast charging technology
• 1-year warranty

7. Segway One S1 – One Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control

7. Segway One S1

Standing on the top seventh in this year most popular self-balancing transporter, this Segway S1 deserve the creativity for its out-of-the-box design model. Instead of two wheels, it comes with only one wheel yet running at a very good quality passing the UL 2272 certification standards. People who experience riding it would say that this hoverboard is insanely fun to ride with its cool feature to cruise it at 12.5 miles per hour which is one of the top speeds that not many hoverboards could provide, and you can travel up to 15 miles on your journey with just a single charge.

Another unique function for this S1 is the capability to have it connect to your smartphone. Simply download the application from App Store or Play Store and pair it with your board, you can enjoy much more benefits which include the safety ride guide, monitoring the speed from your device, changing light colors, etc.

Key features:
• High speed
• Compact at 25 pounds
• Carrying capacity up to 220 pounds
• Smartphone connectivity
• Customize lighting patterns at will

6. Skatecycle (Black)

6. Skatecycle

Look at this uniquely stylish designed best hoverboards from ANVL Boards! This product won the winner of IDEA award in 2010, and it received the declaration as the new dimension of skate riding. With no string attached to machinery, this skate cycle embraces a futuristic design of two propelling tires with the standing platform installed right in the middle of the wheel, and that makes itself very popular among teenagers these days. If you are a rider of a snowboard or a skateboard, it is probably the best time to take up the challenge and ride this one. The experience and joy you get from it would assure the price worthiness.

Key features:
• Stylish design
• Propelling wheels
• Non-electrical
• Low cost
• One year warranty

5. SKque X1 Self Balancing Scooter

5. SKque X1 Self Balancing Scooter

Here we are at the fifth among the best hoverboards to buy!
This SKque self-balancing scooter wins the heart of the users with its slim design and cool additional features that meet most of the expectations. Having passed the UL 2272 standards, this X1 model puts itself in a trusted zone where it aligns to the balancing and safety qualifications. The motherboard is upgraded with gyro sensors that support your rides and enhance it to the best experience which ensures the smoothest ride. The shell and frame are made of durable to endure the weight up to 264 pounds. It is also using two 350 Watts motors that are strong and keep you travel at the top speed of 7.45 miles per hour. This model is also specialized for your entertainment with a Bluetooth speaker that you can play your favorite music while you are on the go. Choosing this product, you can have the choice of the wheel size varying from a standard 6.5 inches to 10 inches.

Key features:
• Easy control
• LED headlights
• Bluetooth Speaker
• Free shipping
• Fast charging function
• 1-year warranty

4. Segway MiniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter

4. Segway MiniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter

Segway MiniPRO opens a new door to the hoverboard world with its specialization operating the board with an additional pole right in the middle of the standing platform that enables a rider to have excellent control and balance. The two big inflated wheels are larger than the normal, standard ones which give you more option in cruising through various types of terrains. Each wheel is also powered by an 800 Watt motor that, together, they allow you to safely drive at 10 miles per hour top speed on a fully 14-mile range. The magnesium alloy aircraft-quality frame is unique to this Segway product, and it is known to be one of the most durable hoverboards in the market.

Key features:
• UL 2272 certified
• Bluetooth connectivity to phone application
• Customizable LED headlights
• Big wheels
• Anti-theft alarm

3. Official Halo Rover Best Hoverboards

3. Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

Halo Rover is a US-based company very famous in producing the best hoverboards that meet the customer’s need while continuously maintaining its excellent quality and standards. Having claimed to be every kid’s dream hoverboard, this Halo Rover is equipped with the exclusive Halo technology that grants the smoothest cruising experience which is supported by the 8.5-inche tires and the very strong, durable aluminum frame. The Rover also comes with the learning feature that leaves you with the feeling that your hoverboard is adapting itself to your riding style. People buying this product are also excited by the special function of the Bluetooth and mobile app connection that you can play music directly from your phone to your hoverboard through a built-in speaker. The smartphone connectivity brings you the ability to customize your board to adapt to your styles.

Key features:
• UL 2272 Certified
• LED Headlight
• Bluetooth built-in speaker
• Smartphone connection with Halo App
• Big wheels
• Water resistant

2. Best Hoverboards SWAGTRON T3


Here we come again with the T-series product from SWAGTRON. This T3 is popular for its capability to cruise at 8 mph on a long range of 20 miles with just a single charge. The Bluetooth speaker and mobile app connectivity escalate this hoverboard into another level of customization and entertainment simultaneously. This T3 also provides an excellent experience of balancing and safety with the certification under the UL 2272 standards. The T3 self-balancing scooter uses the patented SentryShield battery management that is uniquely known only to the SWAGTRON.

Key features:
• UL 2272 standard certification
• Bluetooth speakers
• Mobile app connection
• LED Headlight
• Battery indicators
• Advanced stabilization technology
• Carrying strap

1. HOVERZON S Self Balancing Hoverboard

Best Hoverboards - HOVERZON S Self Balancing

Standing as the best hoverboard of the year, this self-balancing board from HOVERZON. It is an interesting fact that HOVERZON is one of the early producers that manage to make it through the painstaking experience of quality control. With the constant positive trend in satisfying the customers, the company now release this seamless hoverboard with a very nice and sleek design. The S model is known to have a better functioning stability more than any other product from the manufacturer, and the control is even more responsive. With slight adaptive changes in design, the board allows you to spin at 8 mph. This is also a super light model, at only 22 pounds, that you can easily carry it along anywhere. The weight support, however, is still intact as usual that it can sustain up to 220 pounds.

Key features:
• UL 2272 certified
• Battery indicators
• Non-slip foot platform
• LED headlights
• Available in 4 colors

In a quick summary, these are the best hoverboard and self-balance scooter reviews for the year of 2017 and each product has its strengths and features. The thing to bear in mind when purchasing the best hoverboard is the product specifications that match to your condition.

One thought on “Best Hoverboards – Self Balancing Scooters Reviews in 2018

  1. The Old Post:
    Best hoverboards, how do people call this name? Some people called it “Self Balancing Scooter” while others called it “Hoverboards”. A lot of best hoverboard machines have tested so that everyone knows the level of their security. Now, we are in an era where bicycles are not going to use much because faster hoverboard machines have come on board. If you can’t beat your neighbours, just join them, it’s cool.

    The machine designers have come with some of the best thing – the hoverboards, a toy for rich kids. But right now the best hoverboards that available on the market is much more affordable.

    The first version of hoverboards had experienced some of the problems that were actually manufacturer defects. Most of the models had problems with their batteries and some problem on their internal board getting fried. These problems make more than 10 brands to recall their products back to the factories, and all online resellers stopped selling the hoverboard. After the drastic quality control and problem solved hoverboard or self-balancing scooter has come back to the market.

    In the year of 2016, many things changed for the hoverboards or self-balancing scooters, some model can not sales without approved on the quality and safety. Right now all the issue has been solved and these toys are back for people to use it.
    Let us examine and share some of the top 10 Best Hoverboards in the current market. Check it before you decide to buy one and enjoy your day with this thing – the hoverboard:

    #10. Best Hoverboard by Powerboard

    This is a hoverboard that made by a USA company. This signifies that the organisation will be able to handle all your orders right away. This is a better and faster hoverboard than others. It’s rated as one of the safest because it has a smooth acceleration and can drift corners with ease. Buy it and learn how to ride in five minutes. It only moves at a speed of 10km/h with the largest weight of 220 lbs. Buy it and enjoy your rides all the time.

    #9. Razor Hovertrax, Best hoverboard

    It is time for you to step safely into the future by purchasing this hoverboard. It features a silent, dual hub motors that are also fitted with gyro sensor technology. This ensures that you have a super smooth ride whenever you are on the machine all the time. It can travel up to 6 mph for a continuous time of 115 minutes. It has been fitted with an anti-slip foot platform that will ensure you dent slide off when riding. Hurry up and get yours right now.

    #8. Anhell Hover Boost, best hoverboards

    It takes the shortest time to charge its battery to its fullest (60-120 minutes). The hoverboard only works when it is turned on and keeps on twinkling under a safe protection. It travels up to 15-20km/h. You can take your ease and ride at night because the LED lights are there to illuminate and make you visible.

    #7. Leray Self Balancing Scooter

    The self-balancing scooter can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs as it travels at 10km/hr. If you need one that charges faster, it is here because it can take up to a maximum of 2.5 hours to get full. The scooter itself weighs around 29 lbs. This means that you can move it easily and transport it from one place to another without any problems.

    #6. Best Hoverboards, The Perfect Personal Transporter -Powerboard UL 2272 white

    USA based company, Powerboard has an incredible of long battery life, better and faster than the other hoverboard. Its top speed is 10 km/H with smooth and simple acceleration, drift and corners with ease on forward or back to go forward or reverse. Lean side to side to master cornering at high speeds. This best hoverboard is one year limited warranty with US based customer support if at any point you’re having issues with your power board contact the customer service Department.
    The onboard battery charge indicator indicates the level of the battery as it charges. It is easy to ride for everyone and safe because of the gyro technology that was used while designing it. It will take you places and a lot of places.

    #5. Leray Self Balancing Scooter – Maroon.

    The self-balancing scooter weighs around 29 lbs. This gives you a leeway to carry it on the shoulder or with one arm when you want to transport if to various places. It has been made with the latest technology that you are sure. If you want to ride it, you are required to put your two legs in the hover, and it will balance for you automatically. Try out today and you will realise that it is the best if e compare.

    #4. Sense 8-inch electric self-balancing scooter Bluetooth music

    It is the easiest machine you can get and learn it very well. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lets you play the song through Bluetooth. It has been fitted with speed protection gadgets that ensure that you don’t over speed in corners or in other places that you don’t feel safe to do it.

    #3. Skque X1 – UL2272 Self Balancing Scooter

    It is simple to learn, and it has fitted with anti-slip foot grip that makes it safe for use by either adults or children. Te wireless remote control features let you turn on/off. It’s a smart two wheel Self Balancing electric scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights. The wireless Bluetooth speakers that are also built-in make sure that your favourite play is there with you, as you travel around.

    #2. SOGO Self Balancing Scooter/ Hoverboard with LED Lights

    This is an electric personal transporter that can take you up to 7.2 mph. You can charge it fully for around three hours. As it transports you from point A to point B, it is also gaining ground so that you reach your destination safely. It has a smooth acceleration so that you don’t lose control of the road.

    #1. Self Balancing Scooter / Hoverboard by HoverTech

    The scooter weighs around 29 lbs that give you a leeway to carry it on the shoulder or with one arm when you want to transport if to various places. It has been produced with the latest technology that you are sure. The scooter can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs as it travels at 15-20km/hr. The high-quality Samsung core battery will give you an incredibly long ride, up to 6 hours and or 11 miles on a single charge. Hand places your order because we are eagerly waiting for them.

    We are not pricey as other people may think. We have considered all the factors so that we give your customers that no, she will be able. You can buy several and even teach others how to ride it. Buy it and let’s move together to the new world.

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