Top 10 Best Hot Glue Guns in 2018 Reviews

For those whose love making homemade crafts, then need to know how important it is to have the proper tools for that job. One of the main tools you should have in your craft kits is a best hot glue gun.

A hot glue gun is an electric device that is used to safely and easily melt the glue. One of the advantages of owning best hot glue guns is that you can work with hot glue without burning yourself. Glue gun has different types: low-temperature, high-temperature and dual-temperature. The heat up to a maximum of low temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat of high-temperature are up to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

To buy the professional glue gun for the right one to use at your home, you don’t need to go to the market to test this and that because, at the end of the day, you will get confused. Don’t be frustrated, we welcome you to read our review, as we had selected the hot glue guns that have been made with care to serve the kind of work that you are going to do.

10. Surebonder Professional Glue Gun

10. Surebonder Professional Glue Gun

Surebonder Professional Glue Gun is a product that has been designed to be used by the serious professional crafter that really loves doing his or her work. It has been made with an ergonomic long trigger that will require less effort for you to use it. That is why it comes complete with a wire stand that is removable. It has been made with 0.44 inch of diameter glue sticks. Only 80 watts of power is needed to run it. This glue gun is sturdy, ergonomically designed, and heats up quickly. It delivers high quantities of glue per hour for your most extensive projects.

9. BSTPOWER Best Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature 100W Professional Full-Size Hot Melt with High and Low Temp Interchangeable

9. BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun

The glue gun has been designed with a temperature that ranges from 100-220 degrees Celsius which is the most suitable for use in both hot and cold environment. It is best used for home repair, crafts, school projects and even in the office. You only need 3-5 mins of warm up time and it has been designed with an indicator level that will let you know if it is ready to be used. BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun is a lightweight, easy-squeeze trigger, rubber coating for easier cleaning, detachable stand to keep the gun stable and upright with 5.5-inch cord length.

8. Attican Black Iron Best Hot Glue Gun
8. Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun

This is a heavy duty machine and it has been designed to use 20 watts so that it gives you hot glue that you can use for repair and even building. It has a lightweight feature yet so powerful and comes along with 15 melt glue sticks for your use. The thermograph that it has an easy glue control when you are utilizing it. Buy it today and you will get 100% satisfaction.

7. CCbetter Mini Best Hot Glue Gun

7. CCbetter Mini Hot Glue Gun

You only need a maximum of 5-mins to heat up the machine and the good part of it is that it is going to ensure that constant temperature is automatically maintained for better use. There is a power switch that ensures that your safety is well taken care of. There is also a detachable and flexible support that comes with the product to ensure that the gun is always stable.

6. Master Appliance High-Temperature Hotmelt Glue Gun

6. Master Appliance High Temperature Hotmelt Glue Gun

This is a cordless machine and it has been designed to give you the freedom of taking the glue gun to whenever there is a job for you to use. It is lightweight but also extremely compact. It is easy to fill it up again when glue is low and for best results, it is advised that you power it using master utratane butane. It is a perfect job for many industrial uses.

5. Best Hot Glue Gun For Arts and Crafts

5. Hot Glue Gun For Arts and Crafts

If you are a starter in this field, then you need to start off from here and it will see you growing. It has been made with well prescription and well-guided steps that will assist you in doing your work without encountering any stress at all. We are here to assist you to grow but the good part of all it is that we have the best-chosen products.

4. Surebonder Full-Size Glue Gun

4. Surebonder Full Size Glue Gun

The use of 120 volts is good enough to assist your power on the gun and have your glue ready for use at any one time. It comes with glue sticks that are very important and need to be used with the gun. It can be set by use of its dual temperatures (380 on the high end, 250 on the lower end). There is a built-in stand that you can use for better positioning of the product whenever you want to.

3. Surebonder H-195 Glue Gun

3. Surebonder H-195 Glue Gun

This is a branded blue product and it uses 120 volts to assist your power on the gun and have your glue ready for use at any one time. It comes with glue sticks that are very significant and need to be used with the gun. It can be set by use of its dual temperatures it has a safety fuse that has been installed to enable you to have that perfect protection all the time when you are using it.

2. Adhesive Technologies

2. Adhesive Technologies

It has been devised with a remote cord so that you have that ability to use in hard to reach places. The goodness of the machine is that it is able to work up to even 5-mins when you have detached the cord from the appliance. There is also some glue sticks that measure up to 7/16”. You only need 40 watts for the appliance to work.

1. DEWALT Rapid Best Hot Glue Gun

Best Hot Glue Gun

Professionals have their needs and standards which they will highly use when scrutinizing the type of best hot glue gun that they want to buy. With us, we have a glue gun that will handle all your professional needs. It is said to be the best because it has been found out that it heats up faster by 50 percent. It has a sturdy fold-out stand that is necessary for preventing any mishaps from happening.

We have selected the best-designed glue gun for you to decide to buy and use. It ranges from starters to those that have been in the field long enough to know the unique usage of the products. Most of the guns have been designed with grips that are comfortable and upon their use, there is no sweat given out. The triggers are also excellent because they will squeeze smoothly and then disperse and spread the glue evenly.

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