Top 10 Best Bean Bag Fillers In 2019 Reviews

Best Bean Bag fillers will help adjust the comfort level to the buyer. To have an idea which filling will be best for you, understanding what type of beads are available in today’s market. Of all the bean bag fillers, that you could use, it is important to remember that all bean bag chairs have small and hazardous material to children and small animals. Due to this, all U.S. bean bag chairs are to be double stitched and a parental lock or removable zipper device. Make sure you check the specifications to ensure your ideal chair is possible. Let us review the top 10 best bean bag fillers to learn what is best for you.

10. Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill

Best Bean Bag Fillers - Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill

The Comfort Research UltimaX bean bag refill uses 100% virgin EPS beads. This bag contains 100 liters of EPS beads, all about the size of a large pea. Complete with an easy pour bag, there will be zero percent chance of spilling the beads. One pack is enough to fill two chairs to an acceptable level. The best way to fill a bean bag chair with this product would be to first cut a hole about eight inches long on one of the corners. You will them place the Comfort Research UltimaX Bean refill bag inside of the bean bag chair that is getting filled.

9. Bean Bag Refill Bag of Beans

9. Bean Bag Refill Bag of Beans

The Bean Bag Refill Bag of Beans is exclusively designed by Disney, made to be childproof, and easy to fill. As these bags tend to run small, it is important to remember to order multiple bags depending on the size of the chair. This refill bag is full of Styrofoam beads that excel in quality. These beads tend to lose their “poof” and needing a spare bag on hand is recommended. Does not come shipped in a box, but is delivered in a clear plastic bag. This bean bag refill will bring your bean bag chairs back to life.

8. Bean Bag Fill Plastic Pellets

8. Bean Bag Fill Plastic Pellets

This product, known as Bean Bag Fill, contains five pounds of plastic pellets. Having a clean and uniform size, every bead is exactly alike. The similarity between all the different pellets provides much-needed comfort for you to relax. The ability to wash these pellets makes them unique since you can wash and reuse them instead of replacing them entirely as they age. There is no foul odor associated with these beads. These beads may seem like their purpose is for a bean bag chair, and it is not meant for a chair at all. These are meant to be used in stuffed animals and cornhole bags.

7. Polypropylene Plastic Pellets

7. Polypropylene Plastic Pellets

This type of best bean bag fillers is made by the company Evostrom. This bean bag stuffing is made of a polypropylene mineral injected plastic pellets. This filler comes in a resealable heavy-duty bag, with a bag typically weighing 10 pounds. These plastic pellets are non-toxic and are safe if a child accidentally swallows them. Fully washable and dryable, the pellets like to keep their molded form. They are a perfect replacement for rice in many craft projects. You could use them in bean bags, though it is not the intended purpose. This makes them slightly irrelevant, however, you could use them if you choose.

6. Gold Medal 3900900102 Virgin Expanded Polystyrene Bean Bag Refill

6. Gold Medal 3900900102 Virgin Expanded Polystyrene Bean Bag Refill

The Gold Medal 3900900102 Virgin Expanded Polystyrene Bean Bag Refill is crafted in the United States. These Styrofoam balls have the maximum ability to fill your chair with minimum material used. This package of virgin expanded polystyrene beans weighs 5 pounds and its volume is 5 cubic feet, enough to fill two large paper grocery bags. As you stuff your beanbag, you will find that the more beans, the merrier. You can stuff your chair to your heart’s content, as there is enough in the bag to fill two chairs with leftovers in the case of spills, filling loss, or needing more because of flattening over time.

5. LA Crafts Micro Foam Beads for Stuffing and Filler

5. LA Crafts Micro Foam Beads for Stuffing and Filler

LA Crafts Micro Foam Beads are only a fraction of the size of the Comfort Research UltimaX style beads. Their small size allows them to be used as an even, comfortable filling for nearly any type of bean bag. These bean bag beads are extremely lightweight and non-static. This is intended to provide easy movement from the bag that the beads come into the chair. Every bead has the same round, smooth, and symmetrical shape. This will result in maximum comfort. With the size of about the head of a florist corsage pin, you will find that these beads are useful for many projects.

4. Best Bean Bag Fillers Plastic Pellets – 8 Ounces

4. Bean Bag Filler Plastic Pellets - 8 Ounces

Bean Bag Filler Plastic Pellets are available in an eight-ounce package. These pellets are crafted completely out of a standard plastic known as polystyrene. These polystyrene beads come with a 100% guarantee of a non-static stick. This means that you will have an easy, mess-free transfer from the bag to your chair. This is a good since you will want to ensure that you do not create a mess, as the cleanup process is gruesome. Once your chair is filled, it is recommended that you squeeze out the beads instead of shake them out to prevent added static and mess.

3. Grizzly Polystyrene Refill Pellets

3. Grizzly Polystyrene Refill Pellets

The company Grizzly has created a bean bag fill that is designed to be incredibly lightweight. The light weight of this fill makes it ideal for the Grizzly Bean Bag, which is designed especially for hiking and traveling. You will find your bag is light enough to easily attach to your backpack, your gear bag, or even your belt. Sometimes, the light weight of these beans makes them less than satisfactory for the heavyweight you would like for a bean bag chair. In this case, you can add rice or a few beans to the bag to help weight it down.

2. Shredded Foam fill – All New Recycled Refill for Bean Bag

2. Shredded Foam fill - All New Recycled Refill for Bean bags

This shredded foam filling made by Bean Products of the USA comes vacuum packed, which means you save on shipping. When you are ready to use, you simply fluff it to your heart’s content. This material is eco-friendly, as it is a recycled material from cut-off leftovers from furniture manufacturing. This is an ideal fill for a bean bag chair and other furniture because it will not compress with time. If your bean bag no longer meets your comfort needs, you can simply re-fluff and your chair will bounce back. This makes them an optimal choice for pillows and crafts, as well as for furniture filling.

1. Fairfield Poly-Fil Best Bean Bag Fillers

1. Fairfield Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler

This polystyrene bean bag filler is manufactured by Fairfield. These beads are known as Virgin-Expanded polystyrene beads since they have been expanded from their original small pellet form. They have a uniform size, which makes them a great choice for decorating pillows and other crafts, as well as for bean bag chairs. They will retain their shape to provide support but also allows some give so you will be completely comfortable regardless of what you are using the beads for. You can expect one 2-1/2 pound bag of this filling to fill two cubic feet of chairs, pillows, or crafts.


Let’s learn more about the different materials used for best bean bag fillers. The first are EPS beads, which are beads made from expanded polystyrene. This polystyrene material is a hard plastic that is like Styrofoam. ESP is also used in disposable coffee cups and packaging peanuts. Second, we have EPP beads. These beads are made from a thermoplastic polypropylene. When crushed, this material will always flex back to its factory shape.

Micro-Beads are tiny pellets made from a polyethylene material. More commonly used in neck pillows, some fillers are made from these beads. Compressed foam is a new material in bean bag chairs. Made of viscoelastic foam, commonly known as memory foam. This material is the least expensive material for bean bag fillers. With that, I personally believe that Comfort Research UltimaX is the best bean bag fillers for your bean bag chair.

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